Do you know the must-have spices for any restaurant Chef?

Regardless if you are an expert executive chef putting on your chef whites and Toque, a starter within the culinary world who wears simple kitchen shirts, or perhaps a home-prepare having a simple apron, here are a few fundamental must-have spices for each kitchen.

Salt – An absolute must-have in almost any kitchen, since you won’t get any kind of flavor out of your food with no fundamental seasoning of pepper and salt.

Pepper – Pepper is very flavorful and excellent for many savory dishes. While usually only a dash from the spice can be used, with certain dishes for example fried chicken, a larger helping can definitely then add punch towards the food.

Red Pepper Cayenne – Red Pepper Cayenne packs a larger punch than usual pepper, and may include that extra little bit of heat to the dish.

Paprika – This can be a milder type of pepper, and adds a really earthy note to dishes. There are various versions of paprika, from mild to hot.

Cinnamon – A really flavorful and aromatic spice that you can use for sweet and savory dishes. It’s also great with toast in the morning, and it has many health advantages.

Cumin – Cumin’s earthy taste and aroma is a superb accessory for any meat dish, and it is usually utilized in Asian cuisine.

Garlic clove Powder – Garlic clove certainly adds lots of flavor and aroma to food, and it has many health advantages too. While you should use fresh garlic clove, it is good to possess some garlic clove powder in hands for convenient inclusions in dishes.

Thyme – Thyme is frequently sued to flavor meat dishes and stews, in addition to certain vegetarian dishes. It provides a gentle flavor and aroma with woodsy notes.

Oregano – A spice you can’t do without if you’re making Italian cuisine, and may even give a flavorful kick to many Greek and Mexican dishes.

Rosemary oil – Rosemary oil comes with an earthy, piney flavor and aroma, and is fantastic for French and Mediterranean cooking.

Nutmeg – This spice can be used as both sweet and savory dishes , and provides a very beautiful aroma towards the food.


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