Why Are Asbestos Surveys Important?

For any commercial building or structure, a qualified asbestos survey is required. The survey covered under this subdivision of the Part shall be required for all categories of buildings or residential structures: 1} An agricultural building or structure; and 2) Buildings or residential structures for which construction commenced on or before January 1, 1974.

All claims for damages or injuries from such victims of asbestos exposure must be brought within three years after the date of exposure. Claims brought after that time will be granted no longer than three years. If the claim has been brought within two years, then the damages claimed are to be paid only after three years.

All buildings or residential structures are required to have an asbestos survey london. The reason why it is important to get surveys conducted on them is that they contain asbestos. Asbestos is a substance that can cause respiratory illnesses if inhaled. It is also capable of causing skin cancer if it comes in direct contact with the skin.

Surveys on such structures containing asbestos allow experts to analyze the situation and see if anything needs to be done. If asbestos contamination is found, it may mean that part of the building needs to be removed or renovated, the occupants of which may be exposed to hazardous effects from the asbestos, and the owner of the structure is responsible for paying the cost of removal or renovation of said portion of the building.

When asbestos contamination in building material is detected, the owner or operator of the structure can make initial arrangements to have the asbestos removed. If the owner decides to demolish the building, he needs to notify the applicable authorities immediately, and submit a plan for the demolition.

After the asbestos is removed or demolished, it is necessary to cover the debris with some kind of a cover to protect the occupants from inhalation of the asbestos dust. This can be done by fitting covers over cracks, ventilation pipes, and other openings in the structure. A qualified asbestos survey technician should be employed to do an asbestos survey before any demolition of the structure.

During the initial stages of the process, asbestos surveys are usually done only when asbestos contamination is found in the least number of places. High-risk jobs that require very delicate equipment and precautions need to have more frequent asbestos surveys. The frequency of asbestos surveys also depends on the law of the particular state in which the job is located. The states have different laws regarding the protection of employees. Jobs that produce a large amount of dust and have many different types of flammable substances need to have more frequent asbestos surveys to ensure safety.

To find out if there are high risks involved in the particular job, several factors need to be considered. For instance, the surveyor will have to find out if asbestos use is widespread on the site. Other factors that need to be considered include the degree of usage of materials containing asbestos and the general condition of the buildings. An asbestos management survey is also done to check the presence of asbestos in-office materials. If there is any sign of asbestos contamination, this should also be reported to the company whose materials were used during the project.


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